Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten Advantages Of Using Link Building Services

Link-building is an important part of any website. The whole idea behind it, similar to the political quote: I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

It begins quite simply. You search for sites that attract you because of their complementary content to your business. You send an email, asking the web master to link to your site. The next thing you know, that site's readers become customers at yours. It's really that easy.

Still not convinced? Check out the following reasons to use link building on your site:

1. Many are free. Nothing's cheaper than free, and it doesn't cost you anything to shoot an email over to a site's publisher and ask for a little mutual traffic exchange.

2. Build credibility. When you write articles and submit them to article directories, you help make yourself known as an expert in your field. Because these articles include a resource box where you list your website, you get a free link every time someone uses it or finds it on a search engine.

3. Boost your relevant traffic. By choosing which sites give you a link, you are hand picking the customers that will come to your site. Since you know who will benefit the most from what you have to offer, it makes sense for you to seek out the websites that would attract your buyers.

4. Make connections with others in your niche. By talking to web masters about including your site in their links, you are also building relationships. When you make connections on a personal level, people will recommend you to their friends.

5. Less expensive than traditional advertising. Web campaigns can get expensive. While many link building programs are free, there are many paid programs that allow you great traffic. You will need to stick with a site for about a month to see results.

6. Your site becomes newsworthy. When you submit press releases on your site, it becomes news. And news draws traffic.

7. Use other sites established traffic to build your own, without taking away from them. Because these sites are complementary and not competitors, you are not stealing any traffic. Their readers will come to their site and check out the usual points of interest, and then head over to yours.

8. Creep up in Google and other search engine rankings. Another site's popularity will increase your position on the search pages. The more links you have, the better you look. Certain sites can get you listed on Google in 24 hours.

9. Learn which sites bring you the right people. You have total control over your link building program. When a site works, you keep the exchange going. But you don't have to be stuck with sites that give you spikes in traffic with no results.

10. Increase sales by partnering with the most popular site. Find the most popular site in your niche and partner up with them. You may get a broader range of people, but your sales will thank you for doing it.

These are just a few reasons why a link exchange program is important. Look around at others who are doing it, and how successful they are. Then get out there and duplicate it.

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