Friday, March 18, 2011

6 Tips For Better SEO Writing

6 Tips For Better SEO Writing

1. Make a list of keywords before you start writing. Brainstorm before you start writing so that you know what topics to write about. Think about what phrases or keywords people would type in a search engine to find the information you’re providing. What questions or problems does your company help address?

2. Pick 1-3 keywords or phrases to focus on. Don’t try to optimize your writing for too many SEO terms at once. I like to pick one or two and focus on making an article or page really strong for those keywords. It’s better to show up on the first page of search results for one or two search phrases than to show up on page ten for hundreds of keywords.

3. Use your keywords in your headlines. As search engines crawl through your web site, they’ll give more weight to text contained inside header tags. If you’re writing for specific SEO terms, make sure these exact keywords are used in headlines or bolded text.

4. Remember that exact spelling and phrasing matters. As far as search engines are concerned, there is a difference between “link building” and “inbound links” or “makeup tips” vs. “how to put on make up.” Know exactly which search terms you’re writing for.

5. Write for people first and search engines second. SEO experts speculate that there may be such a thing as too much of a good thing. A page filled with little more than a keyword repeated over and over again can be a red flag for search engines. Also, web content that isn’t readable and useful for actual people is less likely to be linked to from other sites. Link building is just as important for search traffic as SEO writing.

6. Let the pictures do the talking. Photos are a great way to make web content more interesting, but they’re also great tools for improving your SEO writing. Use keywords in your picture’s titles, tags, descriptions and captions.

Effective SEO writing takes practice. A skilled web writer or content marketing service will know how to balance useful information and an interesting writing tone with search engine optimization principles.

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