Friday, February 4, 2011

How to SEO Re-analyzed?

The Web is probably the only place to get proper information on almost any topic that keeps haunting the human mind time to time. It's important that one gives some thoughts prior to performing the search.

It doesn't matter what ever your search query is, the Web search engine is undoubtedly the best choice to get answered from, and by answers I mean genuine answers that clears all comprehensions. Search engine optimization requires a strong organization that will put you above your competition.

The web has numerous answers to a question that is genuine , sanguine or possibly any thing that the human brain could ever think of asking. These searches are conducted by a set of search spiders. The Search Engines have there own set of algorithm defined by their Engineers to rank the websites.

Theoretically, a spider can begin traveling the internet from a single web page and follows networks of links to grab information from your Web pages. The information it grabs is sorted according to specific algorithms or different criteria when determining their ranking system. One problem of search engine positioning is that search engines are always changing their algorithms. This means that each one will sort out the information that is needed for their database. One engine may consider a particular factor such as "popularity" to be

important while another may look at "themes" to be the most important information.
The spider will visit the web page and perform the following tasks:
1. confirm the existence of the web page; may index at that time or come back at a later date
2. index page content (using partial or full-text indexing)
3. identify all hyper links to other Web resources (this is an indication of popularity and is becoming increasingly important)
4. proceed to follow the hyper links, visiting the referenced Web pages and repeating steps 1-3 above.

Search engine optimization is misunderstood and despised by those who have had consistently failed at using it, or have been repeatedly beaten by those who were successful with it. Success is often created by knowing where to start, and how to scale, and which battles will be lost before they are ever fought. In order to be a successful SEO analyst one has to follow certain rules. These rules are the guidelines and if followed properly will definitely enhance the search.

1)Searching by Means of Subject Directories:If you are clear about the topic of your query, start with a Web directory rather than a search engine. Directories probably won't give you anywhere near as many references as a search engine will, but they are more likely to be on topic. Web directories usually come equipped with their own keyword search engines that allow you to search through their indexes for the information you need.

2)Searching by Means of Search Engines:This is where things start to get complicated. Search engines are trickier than they look!If you understand how search engines organize information and run queries, you can maximize your chances of getting hits on URLs that matter.

And the last but not the least important things. Be specific in your search. Use proper keywords and meta tags. Once you have selected a page to be optimized and the exact search keywords and key phrases we are going to use, all that is left for us to do is insert these keywords in their proper places and we have pretty much completed the optimization process. Search engine optimization is the process of putting selected keywords and key phrases into a given web site, using proper placement techniques and carefully using the correct wording, in direct response to what was said earlier on positioning. That's all it really means basically.

Now coming to an important aspect or rather the negative part of SEO , generally known as black hat SEO. The dark side of SEO known as Blackhat “BH "derives from the white hat and black hat label from the early hacker days. Most people view hackers as someone who is evil and malicious, but really a hacker is just someone trying to learn more about computers, and gain more insight into it. For people that swear by only knowing white hat seo and never meddling in black hat, they are either lying, because everyone gets curious sometime (and let’s not forget, some tactics labeled BH now at some point was considered legal and WH years ago) or they are selling themselves short by not learning as much as they can about SEO.
I think people need to learn both parts. Even if they are so anti-black hat seo, it’s something you have to learn just to know or separate your methods and tactics with when optimizing a website for the search engines.

People who have been optimizing the web for some time now, must keep patience. Sites have risen and fallen in search engine at times. They have also been fluctuations in rankings on a day to day basis. When a search engine puts your website inside the database. Once inside the database the search engine changes their algorithms , thereby changing the rankings of the site. If basic techniques are optimized the site weathers the changes in search engine algorithms. Some search engines change their algorithms every other week to keep their data fresh and relevant.

Being persistent is also important. By keeping accurate records and reviewing them on a weekly or monthly basis chances of completing all necessary tasks are enhanced. Persisting at these tasks helps to go one step ahead of competition. Keeping in mind the theme and name of sites, focus should b kept do that it doesn't slip out of your hand's grasps.

Last but not the least it is important that one continues to upload data on the site on a steady schedule. Keeping these factors in mind marketing of a site in seo becomes more easy.

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