Sunday, November 28, 2010

SEO for Adult Websites

SEO is for everyone. But for a Adult website it’s really not easy. Reason being most of search engine has now safe-content filters and do not show states for word related to SEX, Adult contents. Search engines filter results out or apply additional safe-content filters. Above all the competition in this segment is huge, employing a whole spectrum of techniques to gain rankings. Keywords such as “sex”, “porn” and others are presumably in a special set of keywords treated differently from normal, non-adult searches by search engines.
Safe Search in Google that allows users to choose not to display sites that contain explicit sexual content in the search engine results.

Black hat SEO techniques are a common game for webmaster and these sites are penalized or banned by the major search engines as Many SEO firm use these websites and spam techniques like keyword stuffing, link farms, Hidden and doorway pages and other methods viewed as inappropriate by search engines. The way out for this is then the Alternative Internet marketing using Link exchange, banner ads, fishing etc. Another factor that makes ranking adult sites challenging is the fact that they contain little text and lots of images.
At CNET we work as per Industry Requirements. Like Insurance, Legal, Adult websites etc. We have successfully optimized all type websites for search engines in the past and even designed new techniques for adult SEO that helped our adult industry to get their websites crawl, indexed and build relevant traffic via SEO and rankings.  Make sure that you don’t link to any blacklisted sites by checking a blacklist directory.
For your entire problem related to adult website SEO we can help you and if you would like to get more quality traffic through better positions in Google, contact us for adult SEO.

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