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Top 10 Joomla SEO tips for Google

Its been while since I have done much blogging about Joomla SEO, almost a year in fact. I thought I would do some research and see how the collective wisdom of the industry has changed with what matter to get a page search engine optimized (SEO). Use this top ten list if you already have a site ranked and want to see what you can implement to get your ranking higher.

Its been while since I have done much blogging about Joomla SEO, almost a year in fact. I thought I would do some research and see how the collective wisdom of the industry has changed with what matter to get a page search engine optimized (SEO). This isn't exhaustive, for that you should check out my Complete guide to Joomla SEO or Alledia's SEO guide. Use this top ten list if you already have a site ranked and want to see what you can implement to get your ranking higher. Much of the information here is based on two 2007 studies about ranking in Google from and Sistrix.

1. Keyword Use in Title Tag

and appear in the blue bar of your browser.The number one factor in ranking a page on search engines is the title tag. These are the words in the source of a page in
Choose the title of an article very carefully. Joomla will use the title of the article in the title tag (what appears in the blue bar). It will also be the text used in any insite links (see #5 and 6)

2. Anchor Text of Inbound Link

Anchor text is the text that appear underlined and in blue (unless it’s been styled) for a link from one webpage to another.
Try to get some inbound links to your article using the keywords you want to be ranked for. Two ways are to do this are through online press services such as or simply by networking.

3. Global Link Popularity of Site (PageRank)

How many pages are linking to your page is called link popularity, or in Google, PageRank.
The more sites link to you, the better. Joomla is a CMS that helps you add content quickly. Create one quality content page per day. Quality content is the most important factor to getting bound links. For a site that will perform well, you eventually need 200 odd pages of content. This is the important point. QUICK SEO IS DEAD. The only way to perform well in SEO now is to have a rich content site.

4. Age of Site

When was the domain of the site registered?
Nothing you can do about this, but there is evidence that suggests that how long you have your domain registered for makes a difference (spam sites are not registered for long). Go and extend your domain registration for a couple of years.

5. Link Popularity within the Site

This is the number of links to the page from inside your own domain.
Because of #2, it’s critical that you link to articles from within your site using the right anchor text. Make sure that you:
  • Use the linked titles setting
  • Make good used of the Most Read, Related Items and Latest News modules.
  • Have a sitemap component linked to right from your homepage

6. Topical Relevance of Inbound Links and Popularity of Linking Site

It’s important that you get quality inbound links. This means they have to be from a site that is topically related to your, and one that has a high PageRank.
  • It’s worth submitting once to directories (then forget about it).
  • Type “” into google and contact the top 20 returns for links.Link Popularity of Site in Topic Community
  • Make sure you have a blog on your site, and network with others in your topical community. Make sure you frequently link to other blogs in your topical community.

7. Keyword Use in Body Text

The keyword density of the phrase you are optimizing for in the content of the page. Still important, the German study from Sistrix identified some interesting results.
  • Targeted keywords in the first and last paragraphs. There is a simple trick here, write your quality content, and then use the tool of your choice to find the keyword density. THEN, take the top three words and add them to the meta keywords in the parameters part of the page (in Joomla admin). This is somewhat backwards for some maybe, it optimizes a page for what you actually wrote, rather than trying to write a page optimized for certain words (which I always find difficult).
  • Keywords in H2-H6 headline tags seem to have an influence on the rankings while keywords in H1 headline tags seem to be getting less valuable. Modify the output of the core content component through a template override file.
  • Using keywords in bold or strong tags - slight effect, same with img alt tags and filenames.

The Birth of SEO

Search engine optimization, also known as “SEO,” is a strategy used to improve the traffic to a particular website from a search engine. SEO has become a popular technique, utilized by many companies to improve their revenue and popularity through online exposure. The way SEO works is simple. In order to improve a company’s popularity online, certain fundamental key words must be found throughout the website. Depending on the type of business at hand, certain words are commonly used across other websites. When a person makes an online search for a certain topic, those websites who use the word, or common words, most frequently will appear at the top of the list after the search. The overall concept is to try to have your company’s page ranked high so that web surfers will be more likely to check out your page as opposed to others.

The concept for search engine optimization began in the mid-1990s when the Internet was in its early stages. The more popular Internet usage became, the more companies discovered that they could increase their profits by advertising themselves online. What first began as just uploaded links and indexes on a webpage that would extract information about the site quickly grew into an online phenomenon. A few years later, the SEO technique was born.

Nowadays, almost every company that has a website practices SEO techniques to improve their content. Whether it’s by packing their sites full of key words or by providing links that take web surfers to other pages owned by the company, businesses utilize the technique worldwide. SEO is the number one strategy for increasing online exposure and revenue in this day and age and the benefits of having your website rank highly among competitors has proven to increase the revenue generated from and popularity of a product.

Importance of RSS Feeds

Sharing With RSS
Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, feeds are an easy way of sharing content. The blog owner is in totally control of what is shared and it makes keeping up to date a really easy task.

Increase Return Visits
For the blog owner, it can increase traffic back to your website. Primarily it is increasing the repeat traffic to your blog, which is very important traffic. If a reader is willing to come back time and time again to see what interesting new content you have placed, they are valuable dedicated readers. Not only does this increase your traffic levels, but they are then also likely to start joining in by placing comments, book marking with sites such as Digg and Stumble Upon and sharing your ramblings with their friends directly and through sites such as Twitter.
Best of all, because they are long term readers not only do you get to interact through comments and replying to their comments, but they also have more trust in what you say and are more likely to respond to affiliate promotions.

Increase New Visitors
But RSS Feeds are not just about existing visitors. Some websites like to share the content of other websites and they do this by utilising the RSS feeds. By displaying your RSS Feed content on their website they are possibly showing it to new readers, who might become your visitors.

How Do You Install RSS?
So, how do you use them if they are so fantastic for generating traffic? Well any decent blog software will have an RSS feed built in, but there are also tools such as Feedburner that gives more options.
Then, make sure you have a big, obvious RSS Feed icon on every page. Make it obvious, somewhere that people will look to and always notice it. Also, add a page about using the feed - how to subscribe, what it does and so on. Invite your readers to subscribe and keep up to date.

You Choose Your Options
It is up to you how you run your feed. Options will permit you to have, for example, just the most recent 10, 20 or whatever number of posts you want to include. Some people like to just include a summary of the post, fearing that others will use the feed to steal content, whilst others like to share as much as possible to get the best advantages.

You can also use tools to exclude certain categories from your feeds. I like to drop the uncategorised posts from my feeds - I categorise every main post so anything filed in uncategorised is usually off topic and I don't want to trouble regular feeders with them.

It is up to you how you use the RSS feed, just make sure that you do as they are invaluable in building your website traffic.

Drupal SEO Modules

SEO Checklist
No, I am not kidding here. Though i won't recommend SEO Checklist for experienced drupal users, but it really is a good tool for starters in drupal. This module helps you in keeping a check list with which you can monitor what all SEO measures have you already taken and what else can be done further. Really helpful if you are new to drupal and not yet accustomed with different technical jargons associated with drupal.

Digg This
A small "Digg this" button at bottom of your article. Digg this module can enhance the reach of your article to a much larger audience, provided your blog has quality content. A good alternative is Service Link module.

Add To Any
A much larger array of choice for users to bookmark your articles. Add To Any consists of almost all popular services like digg,, slashdot, stumble upon and many more. I will recommend you to use this along with Digg This module.

Meta Tags(Nodewords)
This module allows you to set some meta tags for each node, view or panels page. Using meta tags you could actually notify search engines the important keywords in you blog which in turn will help in better search engine positioning of your website.

Google Analytics
Adds the Google Analytics web statistics tracking system to your website. Using google analytics you could track all kind of traffic and its pattern to your site and a whole lot of other statistics as well. Google Analytics is a must if you are really serious in getting more traffic.

XML Sitemap
This a really useful tool which can submit sitemap of your site to different search engines. Visitors get an overview of your website instantly and your site will look more authentic among search results which may result in even more traffic.

Search 404
Instead of showing the standard "page not found" error search 404 searches with the keywords given by the user within your site, which in most of the cases will result in accurate searches.

Alinks module is able to replace terms in the content body with a link without changes to the node body which will be displayed as it was executed on display only.

The Pathauto module automatically generates path aliases for various kinds of content without requiring the users to manually specify the path alias. Also enable Clean urls, which is like a natural extension to Path Auto module. Here is how Clean Urls can be enabled in drupal.

Path Redirect
This module allows you to specify a redirect from one path to another path or an external URL, using any HTTP redirect status.

Link Checker
The Link checker module extracts links from your content when saved and periodically tries to detect broken hypertext links by checking the remote sites and evaluating the HTTP response codes. It shows all broken links in the reports/logs section and on the content edit page if a link check has been failed.

Pathologic is an input filter which can correct paths in links and images in your Drupal content in situations which would otherwise cause them to “break;” for example, if the URL of the site changes, or the content was moved to a different server.

Global Redirect
Global Redirect checks if the Clean URLs feature is enabled and then checks the current URL is being accessed using the clean method rather than the 'unclean' method. It also checks access to the URL. If the user does not have access to the path, then no redirects are done. This helps avoid exposing private aliased node's.

Url List
Creates a list of node URLs at /q=urllist.txt or (/urllist.txt for clean URLs) for submitting to search engines like Google webmasters or yahoo! site explorer

Use this module when you are running multiple Drupal sites from a single code base and you need a different robots.txt file for each one. This module generates the robots.txt file dynamically and gives you the chance to edit it, on a per-site basis, from the web UI.

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Effective Ways to Build Back links

The biggest problem for website is finding new and effective ways to get back links to rank your website in TOP 10. Many SEO company use many technique to create links and Building quality back links is an important step in SEO to get your website promoted and have relevant traffic. Link Building is time consuming and you can say a very boring job. It is also important that while creating these links you must put your efforts in QUALITY linking. For instance, if you try searching a website by any keyword you will see there are some website which ahs very less back links but still in TOP 10. Reason may be that it has quality and relevant links.

A back link is a link from another website to yours. Link exchange is now no more effective so you need to do three ways linking for link exchange. Many people Buy links but that is again very costly and not permanent.

Why does your website need back links?
It can increase traffic to your website.
Google Page rank work on type of back links.
Its also help to improve your ranking on search engine results pages.
There is little most effective way to do Linking.

Link Exchanges
Create a Blog with similar theme what your website is related to. As reciprocal linking is not really effective, you can offer the link exchange with your blog, with your actual website link on other website. Look for blogs, websites that cover the same topics as your own, and have been up and running for about the same amount of time.

Directory Submission
Submitting your website to directories should be one of the first things you do. Make sure you choose right category to post the links. Some directory needs Confirmation from email. So make sure you confirm the placement of links. There may not be any significant traffic from directories, but the purpose is to get back links to help increase your PageRank. Do not link with directory that requires reciprocal links.

Directory types:
Blog Directories
General Directories
Free SEO Friendly Directories
High PageRank/Non-Reciprocal Directories

Note: Make sure you only submit to directories with high PageRank. Start with sepcific TOP level Directory then to move to general type.

Social Media and Bookmarking Sites:
Apart from creating the back links these sites help in referral traffic also. Social sites like digg, reddit, and are good for back linking. Important is that you also common front page of these sites for post. For that make sure you are submitting quality content that fits with the interests of the sites users. Do not submit all post you write as this may be treated as spam and you can be banned. Your headline should be eye-catching. Put efforts to write good desc as this help in better referral and Homepage placement.

Content based link:
You can have content based links by leaving comments on other people’s blogs. It is important to leave thoughtful and interesting comments to draw people to your site. Not just any text. As I said, it is important that you ahve few good quality links rather having many poor back links. So use proper reply and write relevant to topic matching with your website important keywords.
If you make the top commentators list on a blog you get a link back to your site on the sidebar. It’s not a permanent link however but making the list does have some advantages.
The exposure will bring people to your site.
The links are included in your Technocratic ranking.
Some blogs will link to your site in a post if you are one of the top commentators.

Content Posting:
Create Quality Content for all above activity and keep posted to only to relevant category and with fruitfully information. Nothing will get you more back links than quality content. You can post them on various Article websites with link back to your website.
Above tips surely will help you in your website ranking. Fast and Permanent.

Link Building - Accuracast provides specialist services which include SEO, PPC management, mobile marketing, link building and social media marketing. View the case study Google wrote about us. Request a free quote.

Few Most effective way to have quality links

Most of SEO Company knows the power of article marketing and you must use this method on long term basis as a part of your overall link building strategy. To save time many people opt for some Article Marketing software. But there are many untapped back linking strategies that are not actually possible with them and marketers don’t use them effectively.

So it is always good that along with Software submission, you can use Manual submission of article to some TOP article website. This will help you in creating Quality links then the software based back links.
There are few more ways to have quality back links.

Govt and Edu website links.
Why search engine give quality priority to Gov and edu links? Coz these are not available for everybody and you can not buy them also. Many people do not know the power of these links. They are not that easy to get because there are so few compared to the amount of other websites. There is no way you can buy one and because of that, there are not many websites. Due to tease facts, search engines have big trust with these types of websites. Few back links from those sites will help you more then any other Back linking work

Here’s how to search for them:
For .gov links, you have to do search like:
For blogs “add comment” OR “post comment”
Forums “powered by vbulletin”
Now you have the list of website. For some, you can simply add a comment without approval and some need email ID for approval. In some websites you need to have a profile before posting any comments. Just make sure that you post relevant and real content as per topic.

Press Release Back links:
Unlike with Article website, press release is most effective way to have good back links. Why are press releases powerful? As these site further syndicate links with other. Many SEO company do not realize the importance of these websites. As they create many automatic back links to you website with their own network of websites. You may get 100′s of extra links by just posting ONE PR.

Find websites in Google by typing with quotes “free press release site”. There will be 1000 of results and these are the websites that you can target. Do not target PAID postings. You can submit the same press release to 100′s of free press release sites and watch your article go viral. With the time, you will have hundreds of back links, if not thousands of additional links pointing back to your site. An article distributed to hundreds of places. You must write proper text in Resource box and summery section.

Isn’t it great? With less of efforts you get so many links. Do not worry about duplications. This is what you want, Back links, because you have no control on whose website your press release will end up on. Some high quality document sharing sites might even pick up certain press releases, giving you even more quality back links.

Dynamic Website SEO – Top suggestions and guidelines

To market the dynamic websites in India, top class search engine marketing strategies are required which are totally different from how the ordinary websites are optimized. You need to optimize the website carefully to get listed. Thus SEO Services in India are seeing rapid growth in the software market.
The techniques used for Dynamic websites are more complex and they require specialized search engine optimization methods. With the advancement of technology it is yet still not so easy to index the dynamic websites in the major search engines unless it is optimized by a group of experts from a reputed firm.
SEO in India is an upcoming industry and all the Indian SEO firms are struggling together to prove their ability. SEO is mainly a combination of both art and science. Search Engine Optimization is mainly done to increase the visibility of the website and their services to the market.

Here are few tips and tricks on how to dynamically optimize your website to get the maximum visibility.  Generally the dynamic websites pages are developed in ASP, Perl etc which are user friendly but do not work when it comes to SEO.  The reason being these dynamically generated pages will only be shown when a user selects variables and generates them.  A search engine does not have the ability to generate anything of its own thus minimizing the visibility of such pages.  The most common search engine ‘Google’ are unable to read the database URL which might be a string (?) or any other database characters (# &! *).
Now the SEO experts are working on as to how to make the dynamic website visible for all the search engines. There are few ways through which the dynamic web pages can be indexed. The first option is to choose the static pages. There are many different ways that converts dynamic URLs to search engine friendly URLs.

The other method is to use paid inclusion of feeds which will increase the visibility and it is guaranteed. The links of the dynamic pages can be listed in the static pages as the search engines can pull up the static websites easily. Since the crawlers can’t index the dynamic pages, at least it can display the static page where all the links of the dynamic pages are listed.

XQASP from Exception Digital Enterprise Solution is one of the most convenient and the best tool that converts dynamic pages to search engine friendly pages.  You just need to modify the TM tags before posting it on the web.

There are many SEO companies in India that offers premiere Search Engine Optimization services that helps in wider amount of visibility in the market. This automatically leads to higher revenue generation for the company making India one of the important IT hubs.

SEO for Adult Websites

SEO is for everyone. But for a Adult website it’s really not easy. Reason being most of search engine has now safe-content filters and do not show states for word related to SEX, Adult contents. Search engines filter results out or apply additional safe-content filters. Above all the competition in this segment is huge, employing a whole spectrum of techniques to gain rankings. Keywords such as “sex”, “porn” and others are presumably in a special set of keywords treated differently from normal, non-adult searches by search engines.
Safe Search in Google that allows users to choose not to display sites that contain explicit sexual content in the search engine results.

Black hat SEO techniques are a common game for webmaster and these sites are penalized or banned by the major search engines as Many SEO firm use these websites and spam techniques like keyword stuffing, link farms, Hidden and doorway pages and other methods viewed as inappropriate by search engines. The way out for this is then the Alternative Internet marketing using Link exchange, banner ads, fishing etc. Another factor that makes ranking adult sites challenging is the fact that they contain little text and lots of images.
At CNET we work as per Industry Requirements. Like Insurance, Legal, Adult websites etc. We have successfully optimized all type websites for search engines in the past and even designed new techniques for adult SEO that helped our adult industry to get their websites crawl, indexed and build relevant traffic via SEO and rankings.  Make sure that you don’t link to any blacklisted sites by checking a blacklist directory.
For your entire problem related to adult website SEO we can help you and if you would like to get more quality traffic through better positions in Google, contact us for adult SEO.

ON Page SEO techniques

As an attempt to make their websites get displayed on the first page of the search engine, people have taken measures to adapt the uses of SEO techniques to the best level possible. It is necessary for choosing keywords and tags that includes even misspells and places them throughout your website that is the key to maximize the output of your business and reach your target audience. This technique is referred to as On-Page optimization. In the off- page optimization, it is necessary that the back links to your sites is utmost necessary and keywords should be present in your off- page also.
  • You can look into web promotional services that are available globally by much expert SEO company, to avail Search Engine Optimization. They will provide you with services for Link Advertising, Pay per click management services, Market research and optimized press release services. Search engine marketing strategy is the best way to upgrade you sites’ prevalence in the first sighted websites.
  • The next important aspect to be investigated is that, all the pages should have unique heading or title as per the topic covered in the page and possibly under 10-12 words with main keyword in it, and also a tag description which has around 200 characters.
  • It is advisable that the keywords are present in multitudes in your headings. Also, add the keywords to your URLs/links. Make sure that Meat tags have similar keyword then the page topic.
  • Don’t repeat the same keywords over and over again. It will be wiser to add the words that have similar meanings or mean the same context. If you have an unusually high keyword density, your site might end up in being banned from the search engines.
  • Another sensible tactic to promote your website is by putting up your articles in other websites. This in a way promotes one-way links of commendable quality.
  • Other initiative that can help you to get exposure is to present your profile in social networking sites, like orkut, twitter, or Facebook which will considerably increase your marketing heights for sure, as more people may come across it.
  • You may consider submitting your site in your product specific directories and also regional directories to fortify your websites strength. If you want to know the most important part of your search engine optimization, then it would be the building of an Ethical link campaign.
  • Another easy, but sure shot method is to engage in blog conversation and check review ratings. You may put up the best blog in the home page and even make some significant links come by your way.
  • Keep using widgets on your blog and let the target people know that you have social connections in those places.
  • Lastly, to be a SEO specialist, you need to have good grammar skills and also some great analytical skills. It would add to the icing of the cake if you excel in all the MS office skills.

Tips for Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet marketing is also commonly known as web marketing or web promotion, online marketing or e-marketing. This is basically marketing the product and services over the internet. Due to the advancement of technology, you can sit at home and buy stuffs online. You can see the specifications of the product that you want to purchase and many other features.

Internet marketing is classified into various different business models. The top most profitable internet marketing business models are Pay per click, E-Mail marketing, Membership sites, Electronic product creation and marketing and Niche marketing.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an Internet marketing model used on websites, in which advertisers pay their host only when their ad is clicked. With search engines, the advertisers generally bid on keyword phrases which are relevant to their target market through search engines. Many search engine like Google, yahoo offer great PPC advantages. When someone clicks on the banner or link, it generates commission for the webmaster.
E-mail marketing as the name suggests, is mainly used to market or advertise your products through email. It can be sent to your old customer, potential customer or can also be sent in bulk to generate revenue. Sending the promotional email, you can get new customers, and convince your old customer to purchase again. This E-mail marketing method will enhance the relationship between the buyer and seller thus increasing customer loyalty.

There are mainly 3 ways of email marketing. It can be done through sending emails, a printed newsletter or an advertisement in magazines or newspapers. It is one of the most popular methods used for internet marketing as it is cost effective, delivers the right message and is known to be a successful one.
Membership sites are those websites where members pay to view your content. It can also be a membership sites where you can sell your good also. Basically, a membership site is when anyone pays to access information you publish in a password protected area on your site
Niche Marketing can refer to both marketing and business option. Niche marketing refers to finding a division of the general market for a service or product line.

The basic outcome of internet marketing is to grow your business online. It will attract more customer as now majority of people search their needs through internet. This will also improve the branding of your company and product.  The few things that should be kept in mind are, to begin with a web promotion plan and an efficient web design and development strategy. Use good SEO techniques to be on the top most position of the search engines.

Use the internet marketing strategies well. Create a blog to interact with your clients and new visitors. Publish regular updates and introduce contests and goodies online.
Internet marketing is a combination of creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including: design, development, advertising, and sales.

Content Writing – Why is it so important?

In simple words content writing is writing for websites. The content in the websites are equally important as the design of the website. The content of the website should be to the point and crisp to get the attention of the reader but at the same time it must cover the topic. If you have a brand, content help you to project the same or otherwise it actually reflect your seriousness toward your products and services. It can have an adverse effect to your website and your business if the content is not up to the mark.

Content writing can be classified into various types. It can be web content writing, SEO content writing and simple articles. The main ingredient of the content write up should be good content. It is a difficult task to define what good content is. However a good quality content writing includes the two main aspects which are Usefulness and Uniqueness. Content writing involves more of research that writing.
In this competitive market there are many companies that are providing content writing services. They have a group of professionals who will design the content for you website. For an effective website content writing, usage of shorter sentences, word and paragraphs are effective. One idea per paragraph will give a clear explanation. Simple words, billeted list, and highlighted point can be one of the best ways for effective website content writing.

The two main aims for company to get their content designed by a professional would be to take 10 seconds to grab attention with the web site content and 55 seconds to build up an understanding of your company or product.

When it comes to SEO content writing and hiring an SEO Content writer one should be very careful. A normal content writer and a SEO content writer have some sort of a difference. An SEO Content writer is the one who specializes in writing content that best suits the search engines. On the other hand a normal content writer will just be general about the content and may not use the keywords necessary in a specific web page or article. Keywords play a chief role especially for higher rankings in search engines and also to increase website traffic.

SEO Content is priceless in the world of marketing, online promotions, sales, and traffic flow. To have a flourishing website, you need to have sales; to get sales from your product you need to have traffic. Thus, traffic and sales are interdependent. SEO Content is rigid, to the point, cyclic.
Now days with the increasing demand of good quality content, there are many jobs available online for free lancers too. Free lancing is mainly related to ordinary content writing. Content writing and content writers are in high demand to increase and improve the quality of the web content through general content writing and online business through SEO content writing.