Thursday, February 4, 2010

Social Bookmarking Strategy and 9 Additional Ways to Find Traffic

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Blogs are well known ways to make yourself known online for personal as well as business reasons. You can easily make yourself a free blog and start posting your content right away. But, you will have done this in vain if no one is reading it. Here are ten things you can do to start bringing in the visitors your blog needs to serve its purpose.

Out of every single successful blog online, many more have failed to succeed. Being in charge of a blog should be treated as if you were running a business site. If you are not more that willing to put in your share of work and treat it seriously, you probably won't be blogging anytime in the future.

This is not to say that all of the past failed bloggers weren't serious about their blogging either. Mostly, new bloggers aren't aware or properly prepared for the demand that is needed to make their blog a success. Simply creating the blog doesn't mean that people will necessary come to you. You must pursue an audience and give them a reason to see what you have to say.

1. Fresh Content - you won't find anyone who wants to visit a blog often and find it exactly the same as their last visit. Create and post new blog content at least twice a week. If you want to make this simpler write your posts ahead of time for uploading later.

2. Article Marketing - the niche you've chosen for your blog site should be one you think people will find interesting and useful. Create content not only for your blog but also to be sent to article directories (Article Marketing Strategy Software will greatly speed up this process). Place a link in the resource box of the Article so people will find you.

3. Social Networking - these sites are everywhere. Join Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, Twitter or a dozen others and make connections.

4. Viral Web Marketing - going Viral is where you spread the word to anyone and everyone about your blog. Meantion it to friends, family and aquantances. Giving out business cards with your blog URL is another great option.

5. Use Your Site's RSS Feeds - RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." Readers can subscribe to your feed and get notified when new content is posted. It is an easy way for people to keep in sync with your blog.

6. Submit Your Site to Search Engines - submitting your blog tells Search Engines to rank your blog.. It does not guarantee top ranking, though. It required you to do more work for that.

7. Joining Forums - right now you are a budding entrepreneur. You must start by marketing yourself to find traffic before you can profit. Become a participant of popular business forums, work at home forums or any others you find relevant to get advice and learn from each other. Be sure to add a link to your blog site in the signature line so others can find your Website.

8. Visit Similar Blogs - you can show appreciation to the people who visit you by also posting comments on their blogs. Be sure to add a link to your blog in your comment.

9. SEO Marketing - no matter what you are posting about, make sure you use relevant keywords. Keyword density between 3 and 10 percent will help search engines know how to rank you. Base your blog's Keywords on what the most searched words used in Google for your niche are.

10. Social Bookmarking - make a Social Bookmarking Strategy and submit your blog and blog posts to Social Bookmarking sites. This is a great way for people to discover you.

Using these techniques will help get traffic heading in your direction. It may take some time, but you will find the visitors you need.


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