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PR - What it is and How to Get Ranked

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It is a established reality that Google Designates every single website page a Google Page rank (PR), which is Built on an sophisticated precise algorithm. Pages are ranked on a progression with zero as the lowest and ten as the highest. Interlinking of websites - external (linking to other websites) as well as internal (links from on page of a website to another page on the same website) - is appreciated when it comes to Page Rank.
If website Y links to website Z, then website Y gets credited with a percentage of website Z's PR. Website Z loses nothing as far as Page Rank is concerned - unless and until the link is to a bad website (porn, extreme violence, gambling, etc.) or a barred area.

An case in point to interpret the circumstances better: Site Z had a Page Rank of 5, there were only 2 outbound links to Site Z. One of the outbound Links was to brand new Site Y. Brand new Site Y had 4 outgoing links, with NO other Incoming Links, apart from the one from Site Z. Google bestowed Site Y a PR of 5.

From this case in real life, it is obvious that fewer outbound links on a per page basis earns a higher PR.

If Site Z in the above case had a massive bundle of outgoing links on the page, in that scenario, the percentage of Page Rank conceded would have been smaller and the New Site Y would have been given a lower rank than the equal rank that was passed with fewer external links.

What To Avoid

Whilst partaking in reciprocal linking, make certain you look at the number of outbound links that not only the page has but the overall site as well. Search engines such as Google do not like pornography sites, gambling sites and Link Farms that have thousands of links on them. Do not link to any of those types of sites unless that is your business.

You May possibly suffer big Page Rank loss and Search Engine results if you link to sites that are regarded as bad neighborhoods or are barred. Be watchful and make certain you monitor before linking. Though now and then you may possibly not be disciplined, you will not reap any benefits and the loss in PR (page rank) of your site is not at all worth it.

Be conscious of which sites the outbound links are linking your site to. Look at your outbound links methodically, to make certain that they are:

1) Still an functioning website
2) Still a resource for the purpose you linked to them in the first place
3) They have not reconfigured formats or the theme and remain to be a quality site.

Page Rank progresses over time. Though not very often, Google does update the Page Rank, once in say every four to eight months. So link swap with like-themed sites or important sites is the finest SEO Tactic.


On-Page Search Engine Optimizations - For Joomla

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Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) are activities and modifications to make websites which are primarily made for humans, also properly readable by search engines. Off-page activities are mainly focused on link building, while on-page optimizations are small modifications on pages to emphasize target keywords. Search engines do not "see" the layout of the website, their spiders and crawlers only download HTML code and analyze it. Therefore, from this code it should be evident what the page is about. This can be done with few simple tricks.

SEO is always connected with target keywords. These are search phrases that we would like to optimize our website for. Usually we optimize each page for one keyword. This means that we create an article about our target keyword and we emphasize this with header tags, meta description, search engine friendly urls and page title. All those elements should contain our keyword--this will tell also to search engines what this page is about. Of course, the content should also be about this keyword, otherwise SEO can not help. When the page is set up you can focus on off-site optimizations.

There are many ways to create websites. A popular approach is to use open source content management systems like Wordpress and Joomla. Wordpress is the main tool for bloggers, while Joomla is used for a wide variety of websites. Joomla already supports search engine friendly urls but this is limited to the core elements, third party extensions are not supported. An elegant solution for this problem is the sh404sef component which takes care for friendly urls, header tags, and other important elements for SEO.

The main purpose of the sh404sef Joomla component is to rewrite urls but it provides also many SEO and security functions. A very useful feature is insertion of h1 tags around article title and changing of multiple h1 tags into h2. In addition to this sh404SEF has several plugins to automatically create meta tags for some popular components. Alternatively you can create custom page title, meta description and meta keywords for any page, even those that are not directly accessed from the administration interface. With this component you have total control over all important SEO elements of every Joomla page. Most tasks are automated so you need manual intervention only in special cases. Making Joomla pages optimized for search engines is pretty simple even without any additional component, but it is much easier if you use dedicated extension like sh404SEF.


SEO Through Article Marketing

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SEO is one of the keywords you will encounter most often on the web these days. SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization and is the process through which you can increase the traffic coming to your site.

Any web developer knows that creating a site is nothing compared to actually promoting it. Without the promotion, the website has no value as no one will ever visit it. This is the problem most people confront with and it's the point where most online business owners give up. There is an amazing amount of competition these days and cutting through it is not the easiest thing to do.

So how can you do SEO, how can you increase your traffic without hitting the wall? Article marketing is the answer everyone is looking for.

So what is article marketing? The thing is that traditional marketing or advertising is no longer the bets option you have. Internet users hate ads and they only close them, ignore them and even get annoyed by them. But the actual purpose is to get the user to click the ad, follow the link and follow it without any bad feeling.

The main idea is to give something to the user so he will be happy to follow your link, to visit your site and ultimately purchase from you. One of the most important aspects of Internet and which many people overlook is the fact that information is much more valuable than anything else, even money.

People don't search on Google looking for money, but for information. So what would happen if you would give your visitors information and not banners and ads? They might actually click your link. Article marketing is all about writing an article which actually give something useful to the user. At the bottom of the article you can include your link or if you are able to you can even blend it in context. Writing an article is not that complicated specially when you write about the topics you like and know, about the things related to your business.

Once you have your article written all you have to do is post it on some article directory. This way you will have access to all the directory's visitors, you will get that much needed backlink and in the end you will be doing SEO in an effective and productive manner.

The best part about SEO through article marketing is that both you and your readers receive something, it's a win-win situation and this way it is more effective than any other SEO technique you can use. Just go ahead and start writing that article. Spice it up, make it interesting and submit it.


How One Way Link Building Methods Help Your Rankings

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Every webmaster dreams of getting the top positions on the search engines. The top 10 positions on the search engines are like prime real estate locations. People who secure these positions get higher traffic, more link love, more targeted leads and a lot more money (who doesn't love the last one!). There are various ways via which you can prime your website to attain higher visibility. One of them is through one way links. One-way link building methods help you increase your rankings on the search engine by

1. Creating more Link love for Your Website

One of the parameters used by the search engines for higher rankings is the amount of "votes" you get from high profile websites. These websites are often looked on by the search engines as being reputable, lacking in spam, and genuine sources of information.

The bottom line is that links coming from these websites to your website or any other related website for that matter, are seen as "votes" that basically tell the search engines that the website is a good a resource. Since they are big on relevance, they automatically increase the website's visibility so that searchers can have access to all the information on the website.

2. Generating Traffic

Putting a link to another website from a very popular website can result in traffic for that website. For example, if you can get a link pointing to your wedding planning website from, you are likely to get traffic from there to your website considering that the website generates about 1.4 million unique visitors. The search engines often consider websites with high traffic relevant as the bots think that it must have a lot of relevance, that's why lots of people are visiting it.

3. Page Rank Increase

Now when some of that traffic gets funneled to your own website, the page rank increases. Since page rank is one of those parameters used by the search engines, you can be sure that your website will get higher rankings. This is not to say that page ranks are extremely important. There are instances where websites with a page rank of 33 have outranked websites with a page rank of 5. It all boils down to the parameters.

4. Relevance

The search engines have evolved from being just spam machines filled with lots of junk to becoming highly discerning. What this basically means is that the algorithms have been built in such a way that only relevant websites are ranked highly and the irrelevant ones are chucked out. A one way link from a related website -e.g. a link from a gardening website pointing to a home decorations website- is seen as being a vote that the website is relevant thus increasing its visibility on the search engines.

One way links are right now, very important in getting your websites ranked high. Hire a professional link building service and all these benefits could be yours.


The Four Best Social Bookmarkers

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Social bookmarking is a great way to share Internet bookmarks. Users can save URLs for themselves and share them with friends and family. They can also recommend stories and vote on their favorite links. In this article, four social bookmarking services are discussed. All are free but each one requires different registration procedures.

Here they are listed in alphabetical order:

This social bookmarking service is one of the most popular websites. Delicious stores users' favorite web pages and then offers the ability to share these links with other users. This site gives users the opportunity to tag each of their links. Tags are words used to describe the bookmark.

To register to use this service, you must have a YahooID.


This service allows users to discover and share content from the web. The best part is all users can vote on their favorite links. So, the users decide on the value of the content on Digg. Users not only vote but can also bury content they feel has bad links or are off-topic. Digg users can also categorize their content in addition to making comments on submissions to the site.

To take a tour on Digg, To register, click the tour link on their website.

To register, click the register link on their website.


Kaboodle is a unique type of social bookmarking. This site allows users to discover, recommend, and share information about products. This site is dedicated to shopping. Users can use Kaboodle's shopping tool to organize their shopping list, discover new products and information from other people with similar tastes and find the best prices on their favorite products.

Community members create and join groups, share advice and suggestions, and personalize their profiles on the site. Currently, they have over 900,000 registered users with over 14 million monthly visitors.

To register, click the register link on their website.


StumbleUpon service encourages users to use a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down rating to form an opinion on the quality of the content on the site. Users have the ability to launch great sites to the top and remove poor quality sites from the service. StumbleUpon filters through the vast amount of information on the web to direct their users to relevant content matched to the user's personal interests. This service offers five-hundred different topics for users to select their interests.

To join StumbleUpon, click the sign up link on their website.


Social bookmarking can assist users in storing and saving information found on the Internet. Even though this article only mentioned four, it does not mean there are not more bookmarking websites online. Users can type "social bookmarkers" into their preferred search engine and find many more services on the Internet. Some are unique like Kaboodle, catering to shoppers or Newsvine, catering to news lovers. Browse through the social bookmarkers and discover new information and a great place to locate popular links.


Social Bookmarking Strategy and 9 Additional Ways to Find Traffic

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Blogs are well known ways to make yourself known online for personal as well as business reasons. You can easily make yourself a free blog and start posting your content right away. But, you will have done this in vain if no one is reading it. Here are ten things you can do to start bringing in the visitors your blog needs to serve its purpose.

Out of every single successful blog online, many more have failed to succeed. Being in charge of a blog should be treated as if you were running a business site. If you are not more that willing to put in your share of work and treat it seriously, you probably won't be blogging anytime in the future.

This is not to say that all of the past failed bloggers weren't serious about their blogging either. Mostly, new bloggers aren't aware or properly prepared for the demand that is needed to make their blog a success. Simply creating the blog doesn't mean that people will necessary come to you. You must pursue an audience and give them a reason to see what you have to say.

1. Fresh Content - you won't find anyone who wants to visit a blog often and find it exactly the same as their last visit. Create and post new blog content at least twice a week. If you want to make this simpler write your posts ahead of time for uploading later.

2. Article Marketing - the niche you've chosen for your blog site should be one you think people will find interesting and useful. Create content not only for your blog but also to be sent to article directories (Article Marketing Strategy Software will greatly speed up this process). Place a link in the resource box of the Article so people will find you.

3. Social Networking - these sites are everywhere. Join Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, Twitter or a dozen others and make connections.

4. Viral Web Marketing - going Viral is where you spread the word to anyone and everyone about your blog. Meantion it to friends, family and aquantances. Giving out business cards with your blog URL is another great option.

5. Use Your Site's RSS Feeds - RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." Readers can subscribe to your feed and get notified when new content is posted. It is an easy way for people to keep in sync with your blog.

6. Submit Your Site to Search Engines - submitting your blog tells Search Engines to rank your blog.. It does not guarantee top ranking, though. It required you to do more work for that.

7. Joining Forums - right now you are a budding entrepreneur. You must start by marketing yourself to find traffic before you can profit. Become a participant of popular business forums, work at home forums or any others you find relevant to get advice and learn from each other. Be sure to add a link to your blog site in the signature line so others can find your Website.

8. Visit Similar Blogs - you can show appreciation to the people who visit you by also posting comments on their blogs. Be sure to add a link to your blog in your comment.

9. SEO Marketing - no matter what you are posting about, make sure you use relevant keywords. Keyword density between 3 and 10 percent will help search engines know how to rank you. Base your blog's Keywords on what the most searched words used in Google for your niche are.

10. Social Bookmarking - make a Social Bookmarking Strategy and submit your blog and blog posts to Social Bookmarking sites. This is a great way for people to discover you.

Using these techniques will help get traffic heading in your direction. It may take some time, but you will find the visitors you need.


Importance of Social Bookmarking

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Social bookmarking has been an important concept for many online users today, especially for those who own websites. Essentially, It is a crucial part of a social media strategy.

Social bookmark requires an online user to submit an article with a fresh content that could be shared to other online users. The contacts of the immediate contacts of the online user who owns the content could also share it. It means the article could be promoted in within a very wide network online. Time is therefore needed in submitting articles to a number of social bookmarking websites. If done the right way, one can expect positive benefits of doing so.

Many online users are actually considering social bookmark as a way to boost the traffic of websites. It also helps in optimizing websites for search engines. Back links could be gained through social bookmarking. Gaining back links is an important consideration in employing social bookmarking. However, in gaining back links, you should ensure that the content is unique. Otherwise, search engines could penalize you for posting duplicated content. Hence, your efforts to promote your website could just be wasted because of a single instance of dishonesty. Search engines have the ability to track down duplicated content, and then give the right credits to the actual source.

In increasing your online visibility, you should understand that networking is a significant element to end up successful in practicing social bookmarking strategies. Before starting your networking, you should make sure that you have a credible profile online. In signing up for a social bookmarking account, you can start by adding a wide network of online contacts. You also have the option to join a very wide online community by joining groups online. Then, you can easily share articles or websites and create tags so other people can read them.


Get High Quality One-Way Links With Pligg Submissions

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The evolution of the Internet as a means for conducting business and making transactions has seen a tremendous growth over recent years. Many independent professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners have plunged into the online business world and made a name for themselves, addressing either a local audience or a global one. The good news is that there is still a lot of money to be made using the Internet as a means of either setting up an online business or advertising for your existing commercial activity. However, as we all know, reaching the targeted audience and getting the message out there is of the utmost importance. And when it comes to online marketing, getting high quality traffic and one-way links to your web site is vital. This can be achieved in a number of ways, all of which fall under the large category of search engine optimization services.

One way of getting high quality one-way links to your web site, whose efficiency has already been proven, is Pligg submission. For those of you who are not familiar with Pligg sites, you should know that these sites are communities dedicated to social voting, which are very similar to social bookmarking sites in all aspects, except for their size. Pligg sites are social media sites that can be created by anyone who wants to build a community around a specific area and target a particular audience. At this point, Pligg sites are among the fastest and most effective ways of launching a new social media website.

Going back to search engine optimization and the part that Pligg submission plays in it, you should also know that links are submitted to Pligg sites and users vote for them according to their preference. This translates into exposure and visibility, which results in one-way links to your site.

However, as you might have guessed, there's also a catch to Pligg submission. Thousands of sites are already being powered by this open source content management system. Most Pligg sites are not worth submitting to, as their future is questionable at most. As with all the other submissions that help drive traffic and improve your site's rankings, such as social bookmarking submission, web directory submission, article submission, etc., Pligg submit must be carefully performed. It usually takes a SEO expert to be able to tell which are the best Pligg sites where submission really pays off. Moreover, this SEO tool will only work to your advantage if submission is done manually and to a couple hundred Pligg sites.

Pligg submit is also a very efficient way for a newly-developed web site to be indexed within a shorter time frame. Furthermore, Pligg submission is a very good linking strategy, as it allows the building of links for the inner pages, also known as deep links. This eventually translates into better rankings with the major search engines.


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5 Tips to Use to Drive Blog Traffic

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1. Write Great Titles
When you submit a piece of content to, take the time to write a great title for it. Many users will see your submission and decide whether or not they want to click on that bookmark to read the original content or bookmark it themselves based solely on the title you give it.

2. Add a Great Description
Don't stop at writing a great title. When you submit a piece of content, take the time to write a description that will entice users to click through to read the original content or bookmark it themselves. Make your submissions too interesting to pass by with great descriptions.

3. Use Relevant Tags
If you want other users to find the content you submit, make sure you tag your bookmarks intuitively. Think of what tags other users would search for to find content like what you're bookmarking, then use those tags in your bookmark submission. The content you submit doesn't have a chance to generate any interest and traffic if no one can find it.

4. Ask for Bookmarks
When you write a great blog post, ask your readers to bookmark it. Send an email or Twitter your friends and ask them to bookmark it, too. Install the Tagometer which will show your readers how many people have bookmarked your posts. When people see that others are bookmarking a post, they'll often join in and bookmark it, too.

5. Make Friends
Build a network of friends on Follow other users, bookmark their content, and develop relationships with them. A strong group of friends can have a powerful influence in terms of drawing attention to bookmark submissions.


10 Free Blog Promotion Tips

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If you want to grow your blog, then it's critical that you take time to promote it. Unfortunately, the old theory, "if you build it, they will come," doesn't apply to blogs. With over one hundred million blogs being tracked by blog search engines such as Technorati, publishing compelling content isn't enough to drive awareness and traffic for your blog. Instead, you need to invest in some old-fashioned sweat equity to give your blog a traffic boost. The 10 free blog promotion tips below will help you get started.

1. Comment on Other Blogs
An easy way to give your blog a promotional boost is by commenting on other blogs. Each time you comment, enter the same name and URL in the corresponding fields in the blog comment form. Doing so will help your search engine optimization efforts over time. When you leave relevant, interesting and useful comments on other blogs (particularly those that are related to your own blog's topic), people will notice and follow the link back to your blog to learn more about you and read more of what you have to say.

2. Post Frequently
Posting frequently can boost your search engine traffic. Each new post acts as a new entry point for search engines to find your blogs. Writing with search engine optimization in mind can also boost the potential each of your posts has to lead traffic to your blog.

3. Participate in Online Forums
Join forums related to your blog topic and become an active, contributing member. Include a link to your blog in your forum signature, so it's always available to other members.

4. Use Social Media
Leverage the promotional opportunities that the social web provides. Join social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn and include links to your blogs and recent posts in your profiles. Join social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious and submit great content (not just your own). Additionally, consider jumping on the microblogging bandwagon and join Twitter. All of these efforts will increase awareness of your blog and give it added exposure.

5. Link to Other Blogs in Your Own Posts
Try to include links to other blogs in your own blog posts. Refer to other blogs you enjoy reading or specific posts you found particularly interesting. When those other blogs have the trackback feature turned on in their blogging software programs, you'll automatically get a link back to your own blog in the comment section of those posts. At the very least, the other blogger will see the incoming links from your blog in their blog statistic reports, putting you and your blog on his or her radar, and that means more exposure for you.

6. Include Your Blog Link in Your Email Signature and on Business Cards
Basically, include your blog URL everywhere you can. Your email signature and business cards are two of the most obvious places to promote your blog with a link or printed URL, but don't be afraid to think out of the box. Promotion is key to success when it comes to blogging. Don't be shy about tooting your own horn!

7. Hold a Blog Contest
Blog contests are a great way to attract new visitors to your blog. The most important thing to remember when using a blog contest as a promotional tool is to get the word out about the contest by announcing it on contest websites.

8. Join a Blog Carnival
Blog carnivals are an easy way to get links to your blog in front of a lot of people. The more closely related to your blog topic that the carnival is, the more traffic you'll get from it.

9. Guest Blog
Offer your services as a guest blogger for other blogs in your niche, particularly ones that get more traffic than yours does. Guest blogging is a great way to get links to your blog and your own thoughts and writing in front of people who are likely to be interested in learning more about you and your blog.

10. Write Multiple Sites and Link Them Together
The more blogs or websites that you write, the more interlinking is possible. That interlinking can be used to promote your blog through different channels that might attract different audiences. Create an integrated blog marketing plan by aligning your promotion efforts across your various blogs and websites to reap the biggest rewards.


11 Free Link Building Tips

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Incoming links are an essential component of building a successful blog. Links give your blog more authority on Technorati and a higher Google Page Rank. Together, those ratings can make your blog more attractive to advertisers, which allows you to charge higher advertising rates. Additionally, as your blog grows in authority and your number of incoming links grows, your Google search engine rankings will rise, which equates to more traffic to your blog. With more traffic comes more ad impressions, greater potential for pay-per-click ads to actually be clicked on and ultimately, more money for you.

1. Write Content People Want to Read
The easiest way to get people to link to your blog from their own blogs and websites is to publish great content. Naturally, if you write posts that are interesting, useful and helpful, people will want to talk about those posts on their own blogs and share them with other people. That means more links to your blog!

2. Submit to Blog Directories
There are a number of blog directories where you can add a link to your blog such as BlogHer. Some even include a social aspect such as BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog, which provide multiple ways to increase the number of incoming links to your blog simply through your registration.

3. Get on Blogrolls
Once you have a good amount of compelling content published on your blog, approach other bloggers with equal or more authority than your blog (as demonstrated through their Technorati rankings and Google Page Rank) and suggest a blogroll reciprocal link. This is most successful when both blogs are related to the same subject and you develop a relationship with the other blogger by leaving comments on his or her blog prior to suggesting a blogroll link exchange.

4. Write Guest Posts
Guest blogging is a great way to not only drive new traffic to your blog and promote your blog but also to increase the number of incoming links to your blog. This is particularly helpful when you are able to write a guest post on a blog that has a higher Technorati authority and Google Page Rank than your blog has.

5. Hold Blog Contests
Blog contests are a great way to drive traffic to your blog and increase the number of incoming links to it. First, you can promote your blog contest on a variety of blog contest promotion sites to add incoming links. Additionally, you can include a contest rule that tells entrants they can earn an additional entry into your contest by writing about the contest on their own blogs with a link back to the original contest post.

6. Join Blog Carnivals
Blog carnivals are a simple way to increase the number of links to your blog. Simply find a blog carnival related to your blog's topic (or start your own), write a post for the carnival and submit your post link to the main blog carnival site. Your post link will be published as part of the blog carnival bringing in another free link that can also drive a significant amount of traffic.

7. Write Articles for Other Sites
There are many websites that accept submissions from just about anyone such as eHow and Associated Content. Additionally, pursue opportuntities to write for online magazines and publications related to your blog topic that accept freelance submissions. Be sure to include a link to your blog with your article and bio.

8. Create Other Blogs and Websites
Create additional blogs, websites, Squidoo lenses, HubPages hubs and more, and interlink all of them to increase your links exponentially.

9. Comment on Other Blogs
When you leave a comment on another blog, always be certain to include your blog's URL in the URL field of the comment form. While some blogs use the "NoFollow" HTML tag in their blog template (meaning the link back to your blog won't count by Google's standards) it's a good habit to always include your URL, so the opportunity always exists for an incoming link with every comment you submit.

10. Include Your Blog URL in Your Online Forum Signatures
Join online forums and message boards related to your blog topic and actively participate. Ensure your blog URL is included in your forum signature, so it appears as a live link each time you submit a message in the forum.

11. Participate in Social Networking Sites
Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace provide areas where you can include your blog's URL in your profile. Use your social networking accounts to further promote your blog and drive additional traffic to it.


5 Way to Increase Google Page Rank

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Google page rank is an elusive term that most bloggers don't completely understand. In fact, there are probably few people in the world who completely understand it, because Google keeps the secrets of its page rank algorithm very guarded. Boosting your Google page rank isn't something you can do in a day. If it were, everyone would have a Google Page Rank of 10. Keep reading to learn a few of the tricks to increase your blog's Google page rank that are fairly easy to implement over time.

1. Get Incoming Links from High Quality Related Sites
The best way to increase your Google page rank might not make a difference over night, but it will make a big difference in time. The key is to get incoming links to your blog from highly authoritative and well-trafficked websites and blogs that are related your blog's topic.

For example, if you write a blog about finance, getting a link from The Wall Street Journal website would give your blog a big boost. If you could get more high quality links from popular sites such as,, and so on, your blog's Google page rank would most certainly jump.

2. Remember to Use SEO Techniques
Search engine optimization is an important part of increasing Google page rank. Read the top 10 SEO tips, and make sure you're using them.

3. Write Original Content
Do not copy content from another site. Even if you're copying and republishing your own content from one page or one site to another, do not do it. Google's algorithm cannot tell the difference and will either give the originating site the credit and downgrade the others or downgrade all of the sites that publish the duplicated content. Google acts harshly toward any kind of content scraping, even if you're completely innocent. Once your page rank is downgraded, it can be nearly impossible to get it back up again.

4. Don't Go Link Crazy
Many bloggers hear that it's important to have incoming links to boost their blog's Google page rank, so they start leaving comments anywhere and everywhere across the web, participating in random link exchanges with anyone who is willing to participate, and so on. Remember, as the first item on this list says, Google's algorithm cares about quality links, not quantity. In fact, your page rank could be downgraded if your blog is deemed to be little more than a bunch of links.

5. Write Great Content
If you write great content, people will want to link to it, particularly high quality websites. Get on the radar screen of popular bloggers and websites by leaving comments, writing guest posts, participating in forums, emailing directly, writing articles, and so on. Build relationships with people who write for high quality sites, and the number of quality, incoming links you get to your blog will grow organically over time.

How to increase StumbleUpon traffic?

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Having noticed StumbleUpon come up regularly in my referrer stats I decided to try and increase the amount of StumbleUpon traffic for this blog. A traffic stats graph from SEOmoz shows StumbleUpon’s fantastic ability to drive traffic, the amount of referrals I have been receiving recently are around 50-100 visits a day which I hope will continue to improve.

What is StumbleUpon?
Social bookmarking websites such as Digg and are an excellent method of gaining large quantities of traffic in a short space of time but the concept of StumbleUpon is slightly different. StumbleUpon has over a million users and generally refers a lower (but still significant) amount of traffic at a more consistent rate, whereas sites like Digg can send thousands of hits in the space of a few days for promoted stories which have made the frontpage.

How does StumbleUpon work?
Here is the definition of how StumbleUpon works but basically instead of listing popular stories on the homepage StumbleUpon works by downloading a toolbar which allows you to rate a website as thumbs up or down and view relevant websites (by clicking Stumble!) based on your own preferences.

StumbleUpon Toolbar
To begin receiving traffic from StumbleUpon you must have at least one of your webpages submitted. You can add this yourself by downloading the toolbar and browsing to your website, selecting the thumbs up ‘I like it!’ button will add this page to StumbleUpon.

How to increase StumbleUpon traffic?
The main methods I have found to improve StumbleUpon traffic have been:

Rating websites
By getting involved in the community and rating some of the websites I visit helps my website appear for StumbleUpon users who have similar interests to my own, therefore they will be more likely to rate my site with a thumbs up! StumbleUpon is time-based, although not to the same extent as Digg, which means the more votes you can get in a short period of time the more traffic you will receive.

Adding friends
By adding friends you will increase the amount of users who will see your newly added webpages, making them more likely to give your site the thumbs up.

Submit new webpages
Once I have created a new blog post for example I will submit the URL to StumbleUpon using the toolbar, it is perfectly fine to promote your own website providing you don’t overdo it. This will help to increase the amount of my webpages I have present in the StumbleUpon database and improve the likelihood of my site being ’stumbled upon’.

Carefully selecting topic titles
It is important to categorise webpages carefully to ensure that it will be displayed to relevant users.

Adding multiple tags
By using multiple tags you can help to attract a wide range of users and by keeping these as relevant to the content as possible will help to keep the traffic targeted.

Social Media Optimization(SMO)

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Social media optimization (SMO) is growing immensely in recent times with companies looking to enhance their presence on the web. New and new methods for SMO are being explored; in fact people are trying to implement both SEO and SMO for increasing visibility over the web space. One thing which I can say with my experience after playing with both of them for a while is that SEO and SMO are interlinked and implementing only one of them cannot sustain the top web visibility for long. One should be careful when targeting SMO as it requires a lot of care. A few tips and guidelines before you start SMO assignment for your organization are mentioned below.

1. Try and be active on the popular domains and blogs related or unrelated (with good participation and high page ranks). Even if they do not directly relate to your interest try your hand on them rather posting on inactive though relevant blogs or domains (You will often find relevant domains are not much active anymore). It gives results quickly in terms of visibility and the people noticing you may be much more.

2. Never duplicate content on the web, try to be a shade different every time even if posting the same content, this increases the counts for the same content because only a human mind can locate the similarities in the two and not the machines.

3. Start commenting on a few popular blogs and leave your url/website as your signature which is a common trend these days (Although many of them do not allow search engines to follow your link). But try to be precise and meaningful as much as possible and remember the golden rule “First impression is the last impression.” Improper or highly irrelevant comments can lead to ignoring or even banning of your account on such sites.

4. Start building your network on popular social networking sites (This is presumed to be the easiest but in fact it is one of the toughest part.). I think I need not name any and if you have read till this point then I can safely assume you must be aware of them. Take your time, don’t be stupid by sending mass invitations, and keep building your account over a period of time (probably a few weeks).

5. Press releases are one sure shot way to increase your popularity as the results show up instantaneously. A few popular PR sites would pop on top list of search engines with keywords such as “Free press release”, “submit press release” etc. Do remember Tip #2 before publishing your content on the web.

6. Social bookmarking: One of the most important ways to get noticed, it is easy if your brand is popular and may act as patience tester otherwise (Infinite wait for approval if you looking for free submissions). Many social bookmarking sites exist and the popularity varies in different parts of the world. Target the social network which your business is trying to focus on, be specific that is the key.

7. Article writing is one way many top SMO writers promote but personally I am not an advocate of such philosophy. Article writing is like a lottery if your article gets accepted and appreciated by a few people (a very low chance) it may drive much of your traffic (thanks to mouth publicity) but if it doesn’t work out it’s a total waste of time and resources.

The key to SMO as I mentioned in the title itself is patience. Keep doing your part and wait, results would show after a little while. Just remember all this would yield results in some time, but if not properly supported by an equally good Search Engine Optimization(SEO) they may soon fade out. At this moment I would really love to look at the smiles on the faces of those who read this article just after or in between their SMO assignment, I am sure they have a story to tell.