Sunday, January 31, 2010

Future of Social Media Marketing

Many of firm and even the world is really taking a Social Media a best tool for marketing . This is cost effective also. But when I actually start using it I find that I have many sleepless nights to do bookmarking.  Is it really FREE. No way, It cost more then the money. Your time. Why we choose any media, to save time and we still do not know how it will behave coz we do not know if we will be seen or not. And many SEO company firm are still avoiding real SEO work.
What type of Audience: Poorly targeted as it is free for all so most of linker, friends or group has teenagers who just post for nothing or the new generation small firm employees who just doing it. Why? They them self do not know.  Yes you get traffic but not real business lead. So a serious business person will seek and invest (TIME OR MONEY) in a solid and segmented media.
If we try finding the about social media network like “who” “what” “where” “when” and “why”.  Its growing fast with more then 90% new subscriber in just few years time.
And what they are up to? Talking about Whats cooking? How was party? And some funny things…..
Lets dig it more.
* How much time marketers are investing in social media: AND what is the Output?
* The benefits of social media: Just popularity or real Business?
* How time invested impacts results: At the end of the day Is it time that is important r Cost?
* The top social media tools : Are these really worth?
* Most of Signups are from SOCIAL MEDAI MARKETING TEAM/ FIRM or just bogus accounts. Like now a day people open 50 Gmail Account to register in these sites and then generate traffic?
* Organic search VS Social Media Traffic: Yes if you type great content you will get a hit. But does this really what you want? A non segmented traffic?
If you have not started the social media marketing, above will help you over the edge.  If you’re already started, feel free to test it your self. See what the really experienced marketers are doing.
So how you can use it : It’s a great and good Media for you business when it comes to Branding and Reputation Management.  If you do it effectively with right attitude rather just fishing it, and then if some one is directed to your site/business with real content and real manner, it can be effective.

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