Saturday, September 6, 2008

Static website designing

Ranking By Seo we do as a freelance work. As a renowned and most trustworthy website development company, our vast clientele has spread all across the globe. Our company involves formulation and classification of static web pages. Static web page means that a website's page or any content there of cannot be changed except in the case where someone sponsoring the website edits respective computer files. Whatever be your business or profession, our static website design team will work accordingly client. We ensure that every website that we create has a unique identity, has quality images, is easily navigable and at the same time is search engine friendly. Static website can support your business to platform your services, products, and any other related info you want your visitors to have access to. Static web site contains a site with linked pages using a font or graphics-based logo, and containing text, and simple graphics. Sites may include any number of pages with minimum script and HTML which helps in SEO. Static websites are designed with easy downloadable images, browser compatibility, effective graphics and interactivity. Static websites are for the people who prefer a substantially search engine friendly website, one that delivers content for which site visitors are searching.


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